made in italy 2.0

“Nous luttons contre la criminalisation du monde et de see économies. Le retour à la légalité est notre valeur supreme”

Ethicando is an italian shop in Paris which sells products grown on land confiscated from the Mafia; but in all probability, this is a restrictive definition. The concept store in rue de la Grange aux Belles 6  in Paris is a place wholly dedicated to products from Italian social sector companies. It’s a place for encounters, information and debate, with the organization of events, book presentations and conferences. The not only sell biscuits made with cereals grown on land confiscated from the Mafia, t-shirts made in jail by detainees at the Roman prison of Rebibbia and “soft evasions” cooked by prisoners in Siracusa. They do it. But they also do more. The place is a showcase of Social co-operatives which fight against the pervasive criminal mischief and his extensive economic impact. Under the slogan those who cannot see another world are blind Ethicando promotes legality and shows the best and hidden side of Italy today. By opposing to the logic of resignation the founders, Ludovica Guerrieri and Caterina Avanza, designed a place wherein the possibility of change becomes real. The idea of combining social and high quality is the demonstration that new business models, based on more “ethical” values, are possible. Another world exisits.


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