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Too much night again

Los Angeles-based artist Pae White merges art, design, craft and architecture through site specific installations and individual works which defy our expectations of a variety of techniques and media. For her South London Gallery exhibition she creates a mesmerising installation in which vast quantities of coloured yarn span and criss-cross the room to create supergraphics spelling out words that can only be deciphered by navigating the space. Inspired by a period of insomnia and consequent reflection on the transience of our existence, the letters and words emerge and dissolve depending on both our physical relationship to them and the relative weight of the overall aesthetic experience.







Snow House

Snow House is the work of design firm Santambrogio from Milan, Italy. The house is made entirely from light blue, hued glass. Glass figures are the unquestioned protagonist, and without any distraction of the eye they create a perfect symbiosis with the environment.




 © Santambrogio

Algues oxygenated by visitors

An interactive installation at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London enables visitors to become part of a live greenhouse both physically and digitally.

London-based practice ecoLogicStudio have hung hundreds of transparent, plastic bags called photobioreactors from a ceiling, which contain various types of algae.  Visitors are encouraged to blow through the long tubes attached to each of the bags – the carbon dioxide they naturally exhale oxygenates the algae enabling it to grow.

Each sack has its own QR code and by scanning this in through a smartphone, visitors can access information about the algae they have helped to nurture – this scan also prompts the phone user to Tweet about it.  Over the four weeks, this information will be illustrated on a screen in the exhibition as a virtual garden, reacting live to the interaction it receives.





© EcoLogicStudio