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The Vinyl Factory by Tom Daracott



The Vinyl Factory is an enterprise responsible for numerous music and arts ventures including; exhibition curation, limited edition vinyl boxsets, An identity and flexible branding system was created by Tom Daracott, combining a logotype with a series of experimental marks. Tom Darracott is an independent designer and art director. After studying an MA in Visual Communication at Saint Martins, Darracott joined the London design studio Village Green. During this time he created work that collected various awards including Images of the Year in The British Journal of Photography and Best in Book in the Creative Review Annual.

© Tom Darracott

HABIT – Packaging Design



Packaging design for Habit – a company specializing in drug rehabilitation and cessation products. Habit believes in giving their customers a luxurious, exclusive and discreet experience through its wide range of products. Treating addictions ranging from nicotine to heroin, each product is housed in a unique black bottle or container to insure your rehabilitation will be done in style.

by Morey Talmor

Altabike Project by Bleed


The Alta Bike was designed as a collaboration project between the Norwegian designers Bleed, Norway Says and Frost Product in 2004. It was initially meant to be a project with a limited production of 50 bikes, but Alta soon got so popular that it became the first serial production single speed bike on the marked. The idea behind the Alta Bike was to make a light, timeless, fast and durable bicycle that was designed for city use.

Branding for local businesses

Visual Identity design for Galaxy Travel, a local travel agency based in East London.

 By Mc&a, creative and design studio.

Brand in progress: Design for contemporary retail environment



10 young designers were selected to take part in the The Branding Lab project which the Jan Kattein architects studio is running for Waltham Forest Council. MC&A, two members of  our creative team are involved in the project. The project started as an international design competition to get students and graduates from top design schools involved in shaping a London High Street to look it’s best during the Olympics. It also provides exemplary model for town centre regeneration which, if successful, may be introduced to other retail centres across the borough. Participants are teamed-up  with shopowners along the High Road to improve the corporate image of shops, re-arrange displays and devise new retail strategies.

Minimalist effect in the maximalist market from Turkey

Antrepo is turkish design collective. In this project about simplicity they try to find alternate simple versions for some package samples of the international brands. We agree with them when they say that almost every product needs some review for minimal feeling.

Fresh Impressions on Brandmarks (from my 5-year-old)

A fun “Sunday project” of Adam Ladd and his daughter. This video received 1,000,000 views in 1 week, yielded multiple interview requests (including a TV show), has been requested for use in brand and business presentations around the world, and has been featured on sites like Adweek, Brand New, Huffington Post, Time, Wolff Olins, LinkedIn, PSFK, Business Insider, Jezebel, Shutterstock, Branding Magazine, Swiss Miss, and many others.

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