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HABIT – Packaging Design



Packaging design for Habit – a company specializing in drug rehabilitation and cessation products. Habit believes in giving their customers a luxurious, exclusive and discreet experience through its wide range of products. Treating addictions ranging from nicotine to heroin, each product is housed in a unique black bottle or container to insure your rehabilitation will be done in style.

by Morey Talmor

Legolize it!

Opening May 26, art collective LAGO will be showing off their “Legolize It!” exhibition, a LEGO art show dedicated to marijuana. The show, at the Known Gallery located at 441 North Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, will be running to June 9. The description for the exhibition is even weirder than the phrase “LEGO marijuana art.” It involves providing a lifelike medical marijuana purchasing experience, complete with synthetic starter-plants and seedlings. More info on the Known Gallery website.