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Digital sketch by Wacom


Do you start your artwork with pen and paper? But at the same time regret that your work is stuck on paper until you have scanned the image? Then Inkling is an indispensable tool for you. This digital sketch pen allows you to sketch with a real ballpoint pen on any paper. While you are drawing, all strokes are recorded electronically which can then be imported as raster or vector artwork in to your preferred graphics applicationfor further editing. With just one button click you can record layers, for instance, to separate preparatory and final drawings. These layers are then retained after import.

HipShops: sharing travels & interesting places to shop

Hip shops is a project of a young entrepreneurial team that was founded with the aim to create and promote social platforms for the modern user needs. If you are an avid traveler and enjoy scouting cool shops around the world, you will appreciate the site. Summarizing: It’ s a social platform where you can browse the shops that have been curated by HipShops or share/create your own list of cool shop finds on your travels. You can also email your lists to people so if you’re that type of person who likes to share and recommend things, this is a neat way to document, map and communicate new treasures. Click on the image below to visit the HipShops website.