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Swatch you doing?

Usually, to select colours in any application we need, at least, three parametres: HSB, RGB, HSL. In Swatch you doing? They have simplified the system to a minimum number of parametres: horizontal movement of the mouse defines hue; vertical position defines lightness; scroll defines saturation. That’s it.

swatch you doing?

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Algues oxygenated by visitors

An interactive installation at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London enables visitors to become part of a live greenhouse both physically and digitally.

London-based practice ecoLogicStudio have hung hundreds of transparent, plastic bags called photobioreactors from a ceiling, which contain various types of algae.  Visitors are encouraged to blow through the long tubes attached to each of the bags – the carbon dioxide they naturally exhale oxygenates the algae enabling it to grow.

Each sack has its own QR code and by scanning this in through a smartphone, visitors can access information about the algae they have helped to nurture – this scan also prompts the phone user to Tweet about it.  Over the four weeks, this information will be illustrated on a screen in the exhibition as a virtual garden, reacting live to the interaction it receives.





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