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Augmented Reality: National Geographic

Advertising Agency: Appshaker, London, UK
Creative Directors: Alex Poulson, Kevin Jackson
Art Director: Barnabas Nanay
3D: Vertigo Digital
Production Directors: Adam Trost, Szabolcs Turányi-Vadna

Pinball Park

How do a brand showcase the benefit of new technology to our daily lives? Ford found a funny and memorable way to demonstrate his Active Park Assist Technology in Paris. Parking on the streets of Paris is notoriously hazardous as the Parisians will do just about anything to fit into a space; no matter what the size, nor the potential consequences. Check out this humorous outdoor game installation by Ford and what the winner is rewarded with…

Volvo art session

On February 2011, 10 popular artists assumed temporary ownership of a brand new white Volvo S60. This marked the start of a public work-in-progress art event spread over five days. Each artist approached the challenge in a very different way, but the results led to some truly fascinating creations from across the spectrum of imagination and design. The true star of the Volvo Art Session 2011, however, was the car company itself for devising such a culturally pervasive marketing initiative that is sure to keep people talking about the S60 for months to come.

MTV – Recycle Machine

What to do with old credit cards? MTV Brazil and its agency, Loducca, had an idea. A poster, installed in bars and night clubs in Sao Paulo, transformed expired plastic into brand new guitar picks. Customers simply insert their old card, pull a lever – and voila.

Agency: Loducca Sao Paulo Creative team: Alex Dati, Raphael Franzini, Rircardo Alonso Creative director: Andre Faria, Cassio Moron