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Branding for local businesses

Visual Identity design for Galaxy Travel, a local travel agency based in East London.

 By Mc&a, creative and design studio.

Brand in progress: Design for contemporary retail environment



10 young designers were selected to take part in the The Branding Lab project which the Jan Kattein architects studio is running for Waltham Forest Council. MC&A, two members of  our creative team are involved in the project. The project started as an international design competition to get students and graduates from top design schools involved in shaping a London High Street to look it’s best during the Olympics. It also provides exemplary model for town centre regeneration which, if successful, may be introduced to other retail centres across the borough. Participants are teamed-up  with shopowners along the High Road to improve the corporate image of shops, re-arrange displays and devise new retail strategies.

Nudity and shadow. A love story

“Nudity and Shadow” is a photography/art book by Mc&A. In the book, pictures and artworks tell the love story between a naked female body and her shadow.  Combining facets of cultural stereotypes and transcendent personal expression, without polish or refinement, the intent of this work is to experiment new forms of expression e new styles. By using new techniques of mixed media art (such as the combination of photography, painting and graphic design in the same piece), Mc&A tried to represent  the difficulty of love through the impossibility of contact between a body and his shadow.