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Notations, by John Cage.

”Notations” by John Cage, is an incredible collection of notations from composers of all syles. John sent a letter to hundreds of compositors, asking them for one page of any of their compositions.

GERTRUD MEYER-DENCKMAN, Aktionen-Reaktionen (1966)

ROBERT MORAN, Sketch for a Tragic One-Act Opera (1965)

© John Cage

The Lullaby Factory

Lullaby Factory comprises an intricate labyrinth of metal listening pipes and gramophones that play out a selection of soothing melodies by composer and sound artist Jessica Curry. These sounds can be heard through height-level pipes near the hospital canteen, and via the hospital radio station.

Studio Weave architects Je Ahn and Maria Smith were inspired by the maze of drainage systems and pipes that already cover the numerous, enclosed walls of the hospital. Here, attention is drawn to this often overlooked space by creating a fantastical and interactive, “curious world (for hospital patients, visitors and staff) to peer onto.” The duo have re-used silver, bronze and gold-colored metal gauges and horns, recovered from the hospital’s former boiler house, to create an incredible audio installation that reaches nearly 10 floors in height.

The Lullaby Factory

The Lullaby Factory

The Lullaby Factory

© Studio Weave

Mass Black Implosion

Marco Fusinato’s sequence of drawings ‘Black Mass Implosions’ transform avant-garde musical notation into new graphical interpretations. The systematic connection of individual notes and musical processes to central points within the notation reconfigure the temporal and sequential reading of scores.

Mass Black Implosion (de Kooning, Morton Feldman)

Mass Black Implosion (de Kooning, Morton Feldman)

© Marco Fusinato

Start a war with Kevin Morosky


London-based photographer Kevin Morosky continues to explore the nature of human on relationships in his new photography online exhibition “Start a War”.  He moves on to collaborate with his buddies, the new wave pop duo We the Committee, who provided the song which became the backdrop for this amazing online exhibition.




 © Kevin Morosky