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Poster Design by Zwölf


Poster for a show of three post-rock/ambient/noise live acts (Condre Scr, Svarte Greiner, Kt Zentrum) at Saarbrücker 23  in Berlin, promoting Condre Scr’s new record You Are Genius” (Oxide Tones) by Zwölf.

Typewriter artist: Keira Rathbone

The creative London artist makes detailed drawings on a typewriter she bought from a Poole charity shop. Typing out  hundreds of letters, numbers and symbols in place of brush strokes and pixels results in beautiful enigmatic images.

The Luxe Project

Amongst the many truly terrible providers of online printing services, MOO is something of an exception. Founded in 2004, it now cranks out millions of business cards, postcards and minicards each month, all while retaining a special place within the design community.

Criminal Minds: a Plenty’s project for AXN

Promo of the primetime show “Criminal Minds” realized by Plenty for AXN LatinAmerica