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It’s all about Me,


You don't know Me, by ME

You don't know Me, by ME

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Honkey Kong by Christian Åslund


Campaign for the shoe brand Jim Rickey

Campaign for the shoe brand Jim Rickey

Photographer Christian Åslund played around on  the streets of Hong Kong and the result is this fantastic series of photographs called “Honkey Kong.” Åslund, who shot the series as part of an advertising campaign for shoe brand Jim Rickey, said that the series is a “tribute to classic 2D platform games.

 © Christian Åslund

1999 Lecture Poster by Stefan Sagmeister

“For this lecture poster for the AIGA Detroit we tried to visualize the pain that seems to accompany most of our design projects. Our intern Martin cut all the type into my skin. Yes, it did hurt real bad. ” – Seigmeister & Walsh


© Seigmaster & Walsh 

Daily dose of Uk based street artists

“When I was about 7 years old, another kid and I were bored at lunch time. We did not want to play outside in the rain with the other kids, so we entered our classroom unattended and found the poster paints. We then emptied them onto the floor and painted the whole floor with our feet. As you could imagine, it was very slippery, so naturally we slipped and fell. Later, we were both caught because we were covered head to toe in paint. We were later punished by the headmaster. To this day, I feel the injustice; we were only expressing ourselves. This might have been the start of my disregard for authority and my love of graffiti.”


daily dose of eye saw 4izq

The World’s First Driving Dog


The SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal) in Auckland, New Zealand, desired to show that abandoned dogs can be loving and aren’t second-class animals. In order to convey this message and show how smart these dogs are, they worked together with trainer Mark Vette, MINI New Zealand and advertising company DraftFCB to teach them how to drive. To find out more visit

Durex “Speculative ad”

Durex ad captured by french filmmaker Charlotte Rabate.