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App of the day

Designer Tobias Van Schneider has created the most honest & human weather app out there. The app tells you whether it’s “cold as fuck” or just “damn chilly” outside, and will let you know if there are “clear fucking skies” or if “it’s fucking raining right now”. It is currently only available for Blackberry users, but the designer has submitted it to Apple’s iTunes App Store for Approval.



 © Tobias van Schneider


Contact, 1984

Gabriele Basilico (1944 – 13 February 2013) was an italian photographer. He defined himself as a measurer of space.

 “Thinking through the images about the relationship between the object-chair and the human body it came to my mind the funny and grotesque image that the hard summer chairs left in the naked bodies of the swimmers. It is a real negative “by contact”. A provisional relief tattoo which is printed on the body aesthetically developing the original surface of the contact.

Contact, 1984

 © Gabriele Basilico (1944-2013)