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Picture of the day



© Sabino Aguad


People as pixels

In his In his aerial photographs Craig Alan uses people as pixels, to create large portraits of famous people like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and Audrey Hepburn. Craig Alan was born in 1971 in San Bernardino, California. Today Craig’s collections run from abstract expressionism to haunting and graphic realism.




© Craig Alan via Vinings Gallery

Happiness Brewery

The Happiness Brewery is an art project by french blog Happiness is a Beginning.  What they do is sharing emotions that people send them by email and print them on labels, finding place on different sized bottles. Currently they are working hard to make those objects produced for people who are interested in having their personal potions and they’ll set a price for it soon. At the end of the day though, it’s a ‘love share’ project which might lead to a book or an exhibition in Paris. They select stories for their emotional potential, trying not to be redundant and keeping the original energy behind this idea. The bottles are empty, up to you to put a perfume, an alcohol or anything you want to put in.






 © Happiness is a Beginning

FInger Painting by Paolo Troilo



No dresses, no colors, no objects, just the essence of our free instinct, liberated from useless accessories, built by unnecessary needs of an agonizing pop establishment. Paolo Troilo,  the 40-year-old Italian painter, creates huge self-portraits using his hands instead of paintbrushes. A rising star in Italy, his work has been shown at major galleries across Europe and was included in the 2012 Venice Biennale.

 © Troilo