Etiquetado: Typography

Poster Design by Zwölf


Poster for a show of three post-rock/ambient/noise live acts (Condre Scr, Svarte Greiner, Kt Zentrum) at Saarbrücker 23  in Berlin, promoting Condre Scr’s new record You Are Genius” (Oxide Tones) by Zwölf.

Urban Bike Collection by Scott

The versatile French designer, rapper, graffiti stylist and all-around talent puts his gifts to work in a broad range of mediums, and the unpredictable outcome carves out new spaces for creative endeavour. With freehand signs, bold lettering, dynamic graphics and a playful sense of humour, GREMS stamps his unmistakable signature look onto everything he makes. The French artist’s latest challenge was to take his art to the streets – on a bicycle.